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Administrative Law

Professional Licensing

In today’s economy gainful employment is difficult enough, let alone the uncertain waters of a disciplinary action on your professional license. The State of Florida regulates almost all professions. Whether you are a doctor, teacher, nurse or cosmetologist there will be an administrative agency that sets standards you must abide by and discipline you are subject to. Although each profession is regulated by a separate administrative agency such as; Education Practices Commission, Board of Medicine, Board of Nursing or the Department of Business and Regulation each agency is required to follow the Florida Administrative Procedure Act, publish their rules in the Florida Administrative Code, and appear before the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings.

So you've received a disciplinary letter.... This is the first step toward the state taking action against your license, notifying you that a formal investigation is being undertaken. Although this is a preliminary step in these proceedings time is critical. Failing to respond will significantly reduce your rights and can result in a disciplinary judgment that can permanently revoke your license. Speaking to an attorney from the outset and understanding your rights and being represented through the administrative process could mean the difference between a suspension and permanent revocation of your license.

No one wants to pay a lawyer if they do not have to, but the money upfront for a lawyer could save you substantially more over your lifetime. Capital Law represents licensed individuals through the administrative process and in front of the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings. The administrative process is in place to protect your rights in your license, make sure you take advantage of it.

Worker's Compensation Coverage

Florida requires almost all businesses to carry workers compensation insurance. Even if your business does fall into an exception you must file for that exception or you will be subject to the same fines and penalties as if you were required to have coverage. If you are currently operating without your exemption filed or have already been approached by a Florida Department of Revenue Investigator regarding your coverage, you are afforded the full administrative process to defend your business.

Representation at DOAH

The Division of Administrative Hearings, is nothing like a Court room, nor is it governed by the same rules. Even most seasoned attorneys know nothing about the administrative process. The attorney you chose to represent you at DOAH needs to be familiar administrative actions and the formal hearing process. For sound, practical and effective advice and representation contact Capital Law today.