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Environmental & Land Use Law

Environmental and land use law are very different areas academically, but are practically intertwined. Generally, a new development will be subject to a plethora of environmental statutes, regulations and ordinances at every level of government. Procuring approval from each regulatory body is crucial to your project's schedule and ultimate success. Environmental law ideally maintains an equilibrium between property rights and sustainability, but often falls short. Similarly, zoning should be a balance of protecting existing communities while allowing for the best use of each particular parcel of property.

No matter if you plan to build a massive shopping complex or just a small dock in your back yard, you will be subject to environmental regulations and comprehensive planning, zoning regulation and ordinances which control every aspect of your project including where it can be located, the intensity, height and density of the project. The permitting process is intricate and expensive, much more so if you have to challenge the outcome. Having an attorney assist in the management of your project through land development regulations and permitting requirements can be the difference between project success and failure.

Environmental and land use law is not an area that any attorney can pick up with a little research, it is a complex area of law that needs an experienced attorney. The attorneys and legal staff at Capital Law have experience in the permitting process and proceedings in front of both the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings. Capital Law represents both those who are developing property navigate under regulations and ordinances and those who are worried about what rights they may have when new development in their neighborhood is purposed.