An Overview of Capital Law

Capital Law PA is a full-service law firm operating in Tallahassee, but providing legal services throughout the State of Florida. Capital Law P.A. was founded in 2015, by R. Elliot D. Potter with a simple mission to provide the highest quality legal services possible.

The Highest Standard in Legal Services

Capital Law believes the only way to be effective is to put the decision making closer to the client. This means using a collaborative but disciplined approach, to foster a complete understanding of the legal goals of the client, and how exactly our services can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our number one goal is to provide the best possible legal advice and service to our clients. Service means more than just cut and dry legal advice and predictions, but counseling to understand not only the problem, but your desired outcomes. Whether the issue be just a small bump in the road, or a worst-case scenario, Capital Law will guide you on how to achieve the likely and most realistic outcome that aligns with your goals.

Contact us today to discuss your goals, and how Capital Law maybe able to help